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History of HDC

Founded in 1999, the Hebrew discovery Center started with one small class of 3 students. Within a short decade, HDC has fostered a renaissance in the war against drugs, violence and assimilation. With programs geared for kids, teens and even singles and couples in the community, its members and participants have multiplied since HDC’s inception. HDC has one of the largest youth outreach programs in Los Angeles.

Since its establishment, HDC has developed into a major pillar of the community. Open to people of all backgrounds and levels of education, HDC seeks to ignite an interest in the issues of society and provide insightful education. Our programs are continuously expanding and offer an array of stimulating and thought-provoking events and classes.

The HDC Mission and Goal

The Hebrew Discovery Center’s mission is to enrich and inspire the lives of the youth so that they may enlighten the society and the world in general. This mission is to be achieved through delivering numerous and innovative dynamic activities. Through continuous educational and recreational programs and endeavors, we foster growth in our children’s identities, helping them get in touch with their roots and bolstering their commitment to becoming moral and educated individuals.

HDC’s goal is to plant a sense of identity and direction and pride in our youth to prevent them from falling into alluring societal pitfalls by delivering both educational and recreational programs in a truly dynamic way. At the Hebrew Discovery Center, the youth has always been the main focus.

The Hebrew Discovery Center is a 501( C ) (3) non-profit organization and most of our programming is free of charge to the participants. For the past 10 years, HDC has touched the lives of many patrons and generations forever.


Open to Jews of all backgrounds and levels of
education, the Hebrew Discovery Center (HDC) seeks
to strengthen Jewish identity and heritage through
insightful education and recreation.
Our programs are continuously expanding. We offer an array of stimulating
and thought-provoking activities, events and classes that include:

• HDC Hebrew High (9th – 12th Grade)
• Singles and Teen Events
• HDC Preschool
• HDC Jewish Club
• Seminars and Lectures

• HDC Sunday School
• Teen Teffilah Program
• Thursday Teen Hang-out
• Holiday Celebrations

Get High School credits while learning Hebrew! Our WASC accredited program invites public high school students to learn the Hebrew language while simultaneously receiving foreign language credits approved by the L.A. Unified School District. These credits could be used towards the second language requirement.

Let your child’s imagination soar! At our school, children and teachers learn together. Let your child be a partner in their education. AT HDC Preschool, your child leads the way. Open to kids ages 2-5.

Unfortunately the rate of Jewish students attending public school is on the rise. On a positive note, parents are seeking alternative solutions in providing their children with a Jewish education. Our Hebrew school provides a meaningful Jewish education for public school children in grades Kindergarten through
8th grade.

Learn to read Hebrew in five easy lessons! Designed for adults with little or no background. In most cases the students were able to join the services in Hebrew after completing this course.

Seminars and classes are offered weekly to enhance and enrich one’s awareness of Judaism with neutral topics ranging from successful marriages, parenting, building self-esteem etc. Always injected with authentic Jewish values.

• Lectures
• Social mixers
• Parties
• Picnics

Our lectures are delivered on a variety of topics by a wide range of speakers. All speakers are carefully chosen and each is unique in his/her profession yet all representing a uniform dedication to Judaism. Soft music and fine refreshments are always served following the lectures, which create an effect of a warm and social environment for Jewish singles to meet each other.

9th –12th graders can participate in various activities from trips to panel discussions, to thought provoking games to dynamic video presentations, followed by discussion, food and music. Students are placed into groups in which designated and experienced advisors lead focused group discussions.

• Thursday Teen Hang-out
• All-Nighter
• Bowling
• Ice skating
• Snow Tubing
• Laser Tag
• Fishing
• Amusement Parks
• Paint ball
• Camping Trips
• White Water Rafting
• Paint Ball
• Holiday parties


HDC also functions as a temple on a regular basis providing prayer services,holiday celebrations and much more.


Our weekend retreats are designed separately for both singles and teenagers in such a way so that our participants can get better acquainted with one another as well as absorb Jewish values in a relaxing environment.

The demand for Jewish education and awareness is being met in a dynamic way, here in the heart of our community. The Hebrew Discovery Center is a non-profit organization and most of our staff (excluding some paid lecturers) do not derive salaries. We are a special and unique organization, here to serve and strengthen the Jewish community. And with your involvement, we know we’ll succeed.

The HDC is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and many of our programs are free of charge
to the participants. For more than a decade, HDC has touched the lives of many patrons and has affected
generation after generation.