We are Passionate About Building a Stronger Jewish Identity

Hebrew Discovery Center provides educational Jewish programming for all ages, ranging from early childhood to young professionals. Our mission is to enrich and enlighten the lives of students, helping them develop a strong Jewish foundation.

Morasha Academy

Jewish Club

Hebrew High

Teen Tefilah

Education is in Our Blood

We strive to create an accepting and inspiring learning environment, utilizing a hands-on, forward-thinking approach to education. Students are challenged to expand their intellectual curiosity, deepen their connection to their Jewish heritage and strengthen their identities as the next generation of Jewish youth. Through comprehensive lesson plans, students learn to read and write in Hebrew, gain an understanding and appreciation of their profound history, and foster their timeless Jewish traditions as a means of connecting to their peers and their religion.

Our Faculty

Your Kids, Our Responsibility. 

Our dedicated and experienced staff equip students with the tools needed to receive a thorough Jewish education, and are committed to positively impacting and enriching the lives of each and every member of their classrooms.

  • Rabbi Netanel Louie

  • Yael I.

    Hebrew High Director
  • Miriam L.

    Lead Teacher
  • Leah A.

    Morasha Academy Director
  • Pari S.

    Lead Teacher
  • Marina K.

    Lead Teacher

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